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Recently launched at, the VC team is attempting an almost frightening level of transparency (in my opinion).  Customer comments I've read so far have ranged from mildly disinterested to "I'm never going to use your product again."

Brandon is fond of saying: "Transparency is painful."  It gives people a glimpse into how we're attempting to get and stay organized, and what agility does to a bug bar.  The cuts we're making are harsh, and I know that people won't be pleased to see their Connect-filed feedback sometimes not being fixed, but my hope is that the vcblog can help explain why.

There are some interesting things coming up, and the Tex has made some feints in that direction, but I don't think anyone is ready to show their hands yet.  We're close, though - and when the river card hits, we'll see if going all-in made sense.  Do we have the nuts, or are we just nuts?

Expect a post from me on vcblog (if they'll let me) explaining some of the rationale of our big shift - if I can.

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