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I've added a new post category: post responses, specifically for answering posts.  That way, if you're not interested in that, or if you're only interested in that, you can use the links at left to help filter my communique.  By the way, the intention of the other categories:

  • articles - tutorial-type articles (such as my topic on implicit boxing), usually describing language features

  • errata - corrections, omissions, and so on (not that I ever make mistakes...)

  • et cetera - things not necessarily related to VC++ or this blog, though I'll try to stay away from posting recipes.

  • musings - my personal opinions about VC++/CLR/whatever features.  (Such as, why I like the GC heap.)

  • post responses - that new category, for answering posts

  • snippets - code samples

Hopefully, this will help keep my blog content a little more organized.

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