[eWeek] Microsoft’s Parallel Push Takes Another Step Forward

Microsoft is working to deliver parallel programming capabilities to the masses, in the way that perhaps only the software giant can. The company is pursuing data parallelism, a form of parallelization of computing across multiple processors in parallel computing environments. Read full story…


Asynchronous, Event-Driven Programming with Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx)

Rx is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections. The “A” in “AJAX” stand for asynchronous, and indeed modern Web-based and Cloud-based applications are fundamentally asynchronous. In fact, Silverlight bans all blocking networking and threading operations. Asynchronous programming in by no means restricted to Web and Cloud scenarios, however. Traditional desktop…


Responsiveness: Web Applications Warm-Up

IIS Application Warm-Up for IIS 7.5 enables IT Professionals to improve the responsiveness of their Web sites by loading the Web applications before the first request arrives. By proactively loading and initializing all the dependencies such as database connections, compilation of ASP.NET code, and loading of modules, IT Professionals can ensure their Web sites are…


Doloto: The Power of AJAX without Its Headaches (a Microsoft Research Project)

Doloto is an AJAX application optimization tool, especially useful for large and complex Web 2.0 applications that contain a lot of code, such as Bing Maps, Hotmail, etc. Doloto analyzes AJAX application workloads and automatically performs code splitting of existing large Web 2.0 applications. After being processed by Doloto, an application will initially transfer only…


Acceptance Test Engineering Guide, Beta 2

How to decide if software is ready for you and your customers. The authors are looking forward to your feedback. Get this beta


Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Design-level guidance for the architecture and design of applications built on the .NET Framework. It focuses on the most common types of applications, partitioning application functionality into layers, components, and services, and walks through their key design characteristics. Get this guidance


FxCop 1.36

FxCop is an application that analyzes managed code assemblies (code that targets the .NET Framework common language runtime) and reports information about the assemblies, such as possible design, localization, performance, and security improvements . FxCop is intended for class library developers. However, anyone creating applications that should comply with the .NET Framework best practices will…