ARCast.TV – Tool Assisted VB6 to .NET Migration

There are millions (if not billions) of lines of VB6 code out there. For many businesses, they need this code moved to .NET but they can’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater and start from scratch. They might not be able to afford this, or maybe they couldn’t rebuild it if they tried….

ARCast.TV – Silverlight Powers State-of-the-Art Healthcare Claims Processing Tools

Ever wonder how the Healthcare Industry could harness the full power of Silverlight to create State-of-the-Art, Game-Changing applications to lower Healthcare costs? In this episode of ARCast.TV, Jeff Barnes sits down with David Darnell from MDI Holdings and Henry Lee from New Age Solution to discuss their innovative use of Silverlight, Windows Communication Foundation, and…

ARCast.TV – Enabling Architects with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

The latest ARCast episode has been published. In this talk, Cameron Skinner, Product Unit Manager for Visual Studio Team System, and Zhiming Xue discuss the challenges architects often face and how they may benefit from using Visual Studio 2010. Cast:

ARCast.TV – An Overview of MVC4WPF – Part 1 of 3

Brian H. Prince meets with Stephen Griffin and John Hannah about their new open source project called MVC4WPF. It is a new framework and guidance package that helps you quickly build enterprise WPF applications. They have seen a dramatic improvement in productivity, ability to leverage entry level developers, and a massive reduction in development costs….

ARCast.TV – Rocky Lhotka on Development Frameworks

A new episode is available featuring Rocky Lhotka on Development Frameworks. It is difficult to strike a balance between the optimal architecture and over architecting a solution. Joe Shirey sits down with Rocky Lhotka , the creator of the CSLA.NET framework, to discuss how he balances what should and should not be in his framework….