ARCast.TV – Enabling Architects with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

The latest ARCast episode has been published. In this talk, Cameron Skinner, Product Unit Manager for Visual Studio Team System, and Zhiming Xue discuss the challenges architects often face and how they may benefit from using Visual Studio 2010. Cast:

ARCast.TV – Cloud Computing is for Small Companies Too

This one slipped under my radar… Cloud Computing is often presented as an esoteric technology that is only interesting to large companies. In point of fact, small- and medium-sized companies will find the economics and technology opportunities very compelling. Shy Cohen and Michael Stiefel discuss why this is so, and why small- and medium-sized companies…

ARCast.TV – Real World Software + Services Architecture: The Winchester Ballistics Calculator

A new episode is available touching the S+S architecture model. You’ve no doubt heard by now a lot about software plus services as an architectural concept, but how many real world examples can you say you’ve seen? On this episode of ARCast, Denny Boynton sits down with Derek Jerrel from Winchester Ammunition and Jim McPherson…

ARCast.TV – Rocky Lhotka on Development Frameworks

A new episode is available featuring Rocky Lhotka on Development Frameworks. It is difficult to strike a balance between the optimal architecture and over architecting a solution. Joe Shirey sits down with Rocky Lhotka , the creator of the CSLA.NET framework, to discuss how he balances what should and should not be in his framework….

ARCast.TV – Vishwas Lele, CTO of Applied Information Sciences, on Cloud Architecture Patterns

Want to know more about Microsoft Windows Azure and the Azure Services platform and how it relates to Microsoft’s “Software + Services” strategy and other cloud computing services such as Amazon EC2? Check out Dr. Zhiming Xue’s interview with Vishwas Lele, CTO of Applied Information Sciences (AIS). Speaking from his understanding and experience, Vishwas articulates…