What to expect in 2011 when it comes to Enterprise Architecture

An interesting article discussing what to expect in 2011 when talking about Enterprise Architecture.

Gartner, Inc. recently published its views on what is coming in Enterprise Architecture. The report, “Predicts 2011: Enterprise Architecture Shifting Focus to Business Value Outcomes,” and provides several angles on the evolution of the EA market. 

The article explains how last year was all about more focus on metrics and aligning with BPM, and that this year will be more around the fact that EA is a whole lot more then just IT. The landscape has changed and so have the expectations. Bottom line it is expected that business will get more involved in driving EA within enterprises and along with that the need for a more formal approach in measuring its performance or results.

Full article can be found at http://www.becauseprocessmatters.com/the-road-ahead-for-enterprise-business-architecture/

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