AT&T: Cloud Services: What Are They, What Value Do They Provide?

Enterprises have traditionally been making new capital infrastructure investments to keep up with growing IT and Web demands. This approach is increasingly cost prohibitive and is becoming so process-intensive that it delays resource availability while users wait for servers, applications, storage drives and network connections to be provisioned. The expenses, processes and wait times associated with this traditional approach don’t work in today’s dynamic business world, where Web 2.0 technologies and mobile trends have created user expectations for instant IT and communications resources.

This is where the flexible new business model called cloud services comes into play. AT&T defines the cloud as a way for enterprises to quickly and easily tap computing, storage, software, development and network resources on demand. The model offloads the capex burden from enterprise budgets and moves it into a “pay-as-you-use” service model, reducing overall IT spend and service-commitment terms.

This paper introduces cloud services, discusses service offerings and associated benefits.


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