Are routerless datacenters in Microsoft’s future?

Microsoft Research is exploring a new way to connect servers directly to other servers, without the use of any switches or dedicated networking inside a datacenter container.

That project, known as CamCube, is one way that Microsoft execs are attempting to rethink the datacenter. More on that in a moment….

In the nearer term, Microsoft’s various development teams are making their own tweaks to the fabric powering the company’s existing and future cloud services.

Microsoft execs don’t talk a lot publicly about the infrastructure that underlies its cloud platform. Global Foundation Services runs the “guts” of the cloud, and is responsible for tweaking the datacenter servers and services that power the customer-facing Microsoft cloud components, like Windows Live, Bing, Business Productivity Online Services, etc. GFS is the team that does a lot of the work to bring online new Microsoft datacenters, like the latest one in Boydton, Virg., that the Softies just announced they’ll be building.

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