Windows Azure Storage Browser

A new release has been made to  With this website, you have a simple way to view and manipulate Windows Azure storage (blobs, tables, queues).  This tool can be used to enhance your demos and quickly demonstrate the powerful features found in Windows Azure storage.  With it, you can:

  • Manage your Blob Storage
    • Download your Blobs (even private ones)
    • Upload new blobs
    • Visualize Paths with Delimiter support
    • Edit/Add Metadata at Blobs or Containers
    • Control Access Policy
    • Snapshot Blobs
    • Share Blobs
  • Manage your Table Storage
    • Create/Delete tables
    • Add, Edit, Delete Entities
    • Support non-rectangular entities with missing or additional properties
    • Clone existing Entities
    • Query your Entities
  • Create and Manage your Queue Storage
    • Add/Delete/Edit Queues
    • Add Messages
    • Purge Messages

Head to and find out yourself!

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