The Top Five Changes For Application Development In 2010

Forrester has released a new article discussing the top 5 changes foreseen to happen this year. Below the executive summary:

Niccolò Machiavelli said it best: "Never waste the opportunities created by a good crisis." Over the past year, the Great Recession has forced everyone in IT to think differently about where to cut costs and what projects and tactics are still worthy of investment. So what are those opportunities for application development professionals? Forrester recommends that application development professionals make five key changes in 2010:

1) embrace cloud as an emerging platform;
2) find your inner startup;
3) favor flexibility and cost over platform loyalty;
4) become passionate about user experience; and
5) find and coach your talent.

Your overall goal: Become lean and mean so you'll be ready to move as the Great Recession wanes, thus leaving no doubt of your development team's contribution to improving business efficiency and driving increased revenue.

Full article can be found at:

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