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Couple of weeks back we had the Architect forum for Infrastructure Architects with Eduardo Kassner. It proved to be great content again and listening to the feedback most attendees loved it.


Eduardo Kassner: Connecting IT to Your Business Objectives

Connecting IT to Your Business Objectives: A conversation about the Microsoft Optimization Models

Is it possible to connect business objectives with IT initiatives? Haven’t we tried too many times just to find that it is too hard? Well, in this session we will go through a proven process to asses you current Infrastructure and Business Productivity capabilities using the Microsoft Optimization Models, and proceed to demonstrate the new Infrastructure Capabilities Integration business solution catalogue for horizontal and industry solutions, which are the latest addition to the Microsoft Optimization Framework then we will go through a practical example of how to bridge a set of example business objectives to with their corresponding IT initiatives.

Eduardo Kassner: Are you designing your User Experiences?

Are you designing your User Experiences?
How does Dynamic IT feel in the real world?... a proven CIO conversation

Can you say that you design the experience your user has on the IT environment they use day to day? Since 2003 Microsoft has been promoting the Dynamic IT initiative and producing software that delivers on this vision. The Dynamic IT vision promotes a virtual infrastructure, an Infrastructure that is designed for operations, a model based management tool set, and best practices such as ITIL, all of these to enhance the quality, reach and operational tempo of an IT organization, and by doing such, also enhance the end users experience. In this session we will go over several scenarios where we will compare current real world scenarios such as new en user desktop deployment, developers environment management, web service monitoring, and remote branch deployment to highlight not only the difference but with demonstrations how does it actually look and feel to have a Dynamic IT working for you and your end users.

Eduardo Kassner: Microsoft Software Roadmap

Microsoft Software Roadmap:
Portfolio Strategy For IT

As the role of IT continues the shift from cost cutting and efficiency to business strategy and people enablement, you need partners who are well positioned across the depth and breadth of technologies.  Technologies which enable you to implement a Dynamic IT environment. Technologies that fit within your plans for a Services Oriented Architecture and fit well with the future promise of Software Plus Services.  Technologies that you can trust to provide the best reliability and security.  Technologies that work together to amplify the impact of the people in your organization.  In this workshop you will have a chance to see and discuss Microsoft’s Software Roadmap of enterprise class technologies for delivering a People Ready Business from infrastructure to productivity applications.

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