Three screens and a cloud let’s dream and then build!

image The yearly Professional Developers conference PDC has started yesterday and these are exciting times. Quite some architects in LA too, not the enterprise type but the tech architects made it.

Day 1 key note was an appearance by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief technology officer, and one of the key drivers behind Microsoft’s work in “cloud” computing.

Ray Ozzie key note was clear and simple. Three screens and a cloud in leveraging a seamless experience to you, your partners and your customers.

To quote Ray Ozzie directly: "A journey that started 4 years ago with our Software as a Service platform vision, now materializing. I believe that the world some number of years from now in terms of how we consume IT is really shifting from a machine-centric viewpoint to what we refer to as three screens and a cloud: the phone, the PC, and the TV ultimately, and how we deliver value to them.”

Three screens and a cloud is how Ray Ozzie positions the web or cloud as the hub and a world of devices. Information is typical consumed via one of three devices: The phone, the PC and the TV.

On the PC and mobile we’re making progress in connecting them to the cloud through services such as Windows Live services. Netbooks have sped up this process in many ways as a companion device to a larger PC you can get a great experience through sharing or synchronizing your devices through the cloud.

The TV side is also moving forward, more so devices that use that large screen or screens in your home to make it another way of connecting with the cloud. We all have our big screen hanging at the wall but let’s face it; the real power comes from the devices connected to it. An XBOX 360 a Media Center, a Zune, extending the experience and investments made in that silly screen hanging on your wall.

The cloud, the ultimate way to share data and context across all three screens, across all three devices; this is the great potential of Microsoft Azure and beyond. How to make sure your data is stored secure and reachable at all times by all three different experiences based upon where you are and what you are doing unleashing that power to you.

The next couple of days and weeks we will provide you with more insights in what this means for us, the architects.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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