Architects come and architects go. Thanks Philippe!!!


It’s been quite on this blog over the summer, because there wasn’t that much news to tell, but also because the soul and heart of this blog, Philippe Destoop, has decided to take a next step in his career. He will stay with Microsoft Belgium but has just moved to our enterprise unit where he will advise large companies in their selection of application platform solutions. So I’m sure those in our geography will still bump into him from time to time.

I’d really like to thank Philippe for the valuable contribution he’s done to the architect community over the past couple years. 369 posts since May 2007 is something that counts !!!  Next to that he has build a vibrant community that gathers in councils and networks in the architect forum that he’s been animating with top speakers and content.  So THANK YOU Philippe !!!

The good news is that we have already identified a successor that will take over the architect outreach and take over this blog in the next couple of months. So I’d like to introduce Bart Vande Ghinste as next moderator of this blog and the Microsoft Belgium architect community.  WELCOME Bart !!!

Luc Van de Velde
Director Developer & Platform group BeLux

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