Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK released

Microsoft released the Windows Mobile 6.5 software development kit (SDK) which is what developers will use to build applications for the upcoming mobile OS. Included in the kit is a set of APIs that let developers tap into the touch gesture framework. In a big change from previous versions of the OS, 6.5 is to be more touch-friendly, letting users scroll through the phone with their finger – no stylus required. Also included are gesture APIs and code samples for developing software for the OS. The Windows Mobile team even posted a guide for widget creation on their blog to help developers get going.clip_image001

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  1. timlayton says:

    I was very happy to download the new windows mobile 6.5 DTK and to get started on creating new 6.5 apps.  The emulators are excellent and works perfect in my visual studio IDE.

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