Application Architecture Pocket Guides

We’ve had multiple customers ask our app arch guide 2.0 team for smaller, more focused guides.  As a result, we created a series of application architecture pocket guides based on our Application Architecture Guide 2.0.  Each guide is focused on a particular topic.  We prioritized topics based on customer demand.  Some customers wanted a focused guide on just the Agile Architecture Method, while others wanted a focused guide on the particular type of applications they build (Web, Rich Client, … etc.)

Application Architecture Pocket Guides

Here’s our initial set of pocket guides:

· Agile Architecture Method Pocket Guide

· Web Application Architecture Pocket Guide

· Mobile Application Architecture Pocket Guide

· RIA Architecture Pocket Guide

· Rich Client Application Architecture Pocket Guide

· Service Architecture Pocket Guide

You can browse the index of Pocket Guides at the Pocket Guide Index page at our Application Architecture KB on CodePlex.

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  1. My colleague Philippe’s blog brought this to my attention: a knowledge base on Application Architecture

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