60% of all business calls end in a Voicemail system

· 40% of all working Belgian people feels “overloaded with information”

· 60% of all business calls end in a Voicemail system

· 67% of business instant messaging conversations end in a phone call

· The last 2 year 34.6 million euros was wasted on “Voicemail conversations” (people tend not to listen to voicemails)

· The average information worker receives 51 messages per day, across 7 different media

· More than 50% of employees spend more than 2 hours per day on reading and replying to e-mails

· For 15% of them the usage of e-mail has grown to 4 hours a day. 50% of their working day on e-mail

· For 50% of all phonecalls made the number to be dialed is looked up first in a different source than the phone

Sources: Living Tomorrow, MacMountain Report, Gartner Group Report, Mathew Cain, 2007, Research Microsoft in cooperation with Harris Interactive, 2007, Symantec

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  1. davido757 says:

    As an online marketer I experience both sides of this issue; as a consumer and as a trader. As a consumer I despise voicemail and, to a lesser extent, email. The first complaint is the impersonal nature of it, especially with regard to voicemail.

    As a businessman I recognize that it’s often a necessary evil. But if you’re going to have voicemail and email as part of your business, at least respond to it! As a consumer again, the worst thing is to write and email or leave a voicemail which is ignored. That’s just bad business and you’d be better off not offering these communications. I will not do business with people or companies who do not respond to enquires.

    Now, as a businessman, I offer email as well as a toll-free phone line to my company. Yes, I spend a lot of time on email but it’s an important part of customer service. During business hours (which number up to 16 a day for me!) I always respond to emails immediately. Then I catch up again the following morning. No customer ever waits more than a few hours for a reply.

    Voicemail is a little more complicated. Because my product is sold worldwide I get calls around the clock and so I have to use voicemail. Having said that, I’m still not happy with impersonal voicemail and I plan to employ a human call center in the near future.

    The bottom line is… use all communications as part of good customer service or don’t use them at all.

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