Social Computing Changes The Enterprise Collaboration Landscape

Forrester: Social Computing Changes The Enterprise Collaboration Landscape

Organizations are using wikis for use cases across a broad but interrelated set of capabilities. The overall defining characteristics involve providing a single place for knowledge workers to come together and coordinate ad hoc and human-centric processes and content generation. For example, sales proposals that can involve many authors and approvers are increasingly developed in wikis, with only the final document converted to a formal document for delivery. Alternatives for collaborating on these types of activities have generally been email or more traditional collaborative workspaces. While email has been the most heavily used application, it lacks context and can’t serve as a single source of current information, resulting in frustrated users. Collaborative workspaces solve these issues but are often seen by people as complicated to set up and use. Wikis offer a compelling middle ground that combines ease of use with context around the process and project. Enterprises are deploying wikis in wide-ranging but interdependent scenarios.


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