IT Architecture Capability Maturity Model

The IT Architecture CMM developed by the Department of Commerce (DoC) provides a framework that represents the key components of a productive IT Architecture process. The CMM delineates an evolutionary way to improve the overall process that starts out in an ad hoc state, transforms into an immature process, and then finally becomes a well-defined, disciplined, and mature process.

The IT Architecture Capability Maturity Model consists of six levels and nine architecture characteristics:

The six levels are as follows:

0. None
1. Initial
2. Under Development
3. Defined
4. Managed
5. Measured.

The nine IT Architecture Characteristics are as follows:

  1. Architecture Process
  2. Architecture Development
  3. Business Linkage
  4. Senior Management Involvement
  5. Operating Unit Participation
  6. Architecture Communication
  7. IT Security
  8. Governance
  9. IT Investment and Acquisition Strategy.


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