Reference Architecture Principles

Burton Group - Reference Architecture Principles

Principles are statements of an enterprise's values and policies, and how they translate to IT architecture. They provide the primary linkage between business, organizational (e.g., human capital), and technology strategies, and thus between line management and technology management. Examples of position statements on pivotal principles are:

• “We will outsource all applications.”

• “All infrastructure decisions are made at the department, business unit, or budgetary operating unit level.”

• “We will deploy any technology with the potential for competitive and market advantage, regardless of technical maturity.”

Principles represent the foundation for technical positions and templates. A technical position can be thought of as a “stake in the ground”—an enterprise's expressed choice between competing technical alternatives and the justifications for that choice. Developing technical positions requires extensive knowledge of the available alternatives and careful consideration of an enterprise's requirements for each area in which decisions must be made.



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