S+S Architecture Site on MSDN

A new section released on the MSDN Architecture center a section dedicated to Software + Services (S+S).

We realized that depending on whether you are a large enterprise, an ISV, a hosting company or trying to establish yourself as a trusted marketplace for software services, you will have a different perspective on S+S. This site's intent is to cater for these different perspectives, by offering 4 sub sections:

  • how to build S+S
  • how to run S+S
  • how to consume S+S
  • how to monetize S+S


Note that it is the v1 release of the site so we  are very open to feedback, gaps, suggestions etc. the only request is that you be constructive (if you don’t like it, please offer a suggestion, if you think things are missing, please provide us with of as detailed as possible description of what you are missing etc.)

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