SOA and BPM: you can’t have the one without the other?

SOA is about obtaining better enterprise agility is BPM...
SOA is about interconnecting "stovepiped" applications is BPM...
SOA has business aspects and technological aspects has BPM...

Articles about SOA usually contain info about BPM as if it was a part of SOA: having exposed business services does not provide agility per se, agility is obtained by composing these business services into meaningful and flexible end-to-end business processes.

So, clearly,  SOA and BPM have many overlaps and intersections and many organizations currently have initiatives around SOA and BPM but...these are usually separate initiatives: BPM in the realm of business and SOA in the realm of IT.
Obviously this  is not a good thing and to get the best business value out of both SOA AND BPM, especially for large strategic initiatives, the two initiatives should be combined.

Gartner has a great article that explains this very clearly - definitively worth a read! (this article was on the CD of the last SOA/BPM conference in Redmond - it is public info)

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