MS Belux Program for Aspiring Architects

We are happy to present you the Belux LEAP program 2007-2008! LEAP started back in 2004 and has been successfully rolled out in a number of European countries. This year, the Belux aspiring architects will also have the opportunity to join this now “tried and true” program. Aspiring Architect will get an extra push to grow their Microsoft architect skills!
LEAP is meant at complementing the skills and experience of aspiring architects with specific architect-level information about Microsoft technology. The acquired knowledge will help the participants in their day-to-day architectural work.
The goals:

  • Covering the Microsoft technology that is available today and get a preview of the vision, strategy and roadmap that Microsoft has in different technology areas.
  • Improving the awareness and insight of aspiring ICT-architects about the Microsoft software portfolio for large organizations (enterprises and public sector)
  • Highlighting how different technologies relate to each other as well as how they relate to relevant third-party technology and which common business issues the technology is addressing.

The LEAP-program consists out of 5 half-day workshops, spread between September and December. The heart of those workshops is the working out of a concrete case study in the problem space of the theme of the day. The program will be finalized with a 3-day Architect Strategy Seminar at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond in January 2008. Please note the deadline to register for the program and the trip is October 16th, 2007.
For more information on the logistics, the pricing and the agenda of the workshops, please take a look at our LEAP webpage

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