Microsoft’s effort around interoperability

Most enterprises today are wildly heterogeneous and therefore interoperability is a major concern for most enterprises today.  To help its customers face those concerns Microsoft has been working on interoperability since years and the latest initiative concerning interoperability is called the "Microsoft Protocol Program".  Learn more about the two major parts of that program: Microsoft Communications Protocol Program (MCPP) and Work Group Server Protocol Program (WSPP) here.

Microsoft announced this week that Blue Lane Technologies was able to successfully observe, evaluate and process a wide variety of key Microsoft protocols such as SMB, SMB2, Kerberos Authentication and Content Indexing at Microsoft’s Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) facilities. Microsoft’s EEC, established in 2002, hosted Blue Lane, and the companies jointly conducted a series of tests designed to help partners, internal business groups and customers interoperate with Microsoft protocols. “We are very pleased with the openness and cooperation of Microsoft in both inviting us into their labs and subjecting our solution to some of the most rigorous testing offered by any vendor for third-party solutions,” said Allwyn Sequeira, senior vice president at Blue Lane. “Microsoft has clearly demonstrated its strategic interest in improving server security and promoting interoperability with third-party solutions. They are to be commended for this effort, which sets an admirable example for others to follow.” Additional details can be found here.

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