Microsoft launches "Tafiti": rich search experience via Silverlight

Today Microsoft has launched Tafiti, an experimental Web site that explores the intersection of two trends: the specialization of search and richer experiences on the Web. 

Tafiti, which means “do research” in Swahili, demonstrates the types of Web applications that can be brought to life with the new Silverlight technology.  The site helps people use the Web for research that spans multiple queries and sessions by helping them visualize, store and share the result.  Search is becoming increasingly specialized, across different user scenarios, vertical subject areas and entry points.  What works well for simple destination searches doesn’t necessarily work as well for more sophisticated research projects.  Tafiti uses Silverlight for richer visualizations in conjunction with Microsoft’s Live Search engine.

We encourage you to try the site:

· Go to

· Enter a search query

· Drag interesting results to the shelf on the right.  Each box on the shelf can be used to save a related set of results.  Shelf contents can be saved and shared. 

· Use the carousel at the bottom left to do different types of searches (image, blog, etc.)

· Visualize your results using the Tafiti Tree View.

You will find a podcast about Tafiti on Channel 9 and a video on for more info

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