OBA Central: community site for customers and partners

OBA Central was launched last week with great success: the site has had 170,000 hits in this  first week. This is a community of partners developing interesting Office Business Applications across industries and horizontal scenarios. Customers can search for OBAs by verticals, geography, business process or LOBs. The site also provides basic OBA introduction and points to resources on msdn solution architecture center and other sites. The site will grow the number of solutions and partners and also in terms of what customers and partners can do on the site. The phase 2 roll out will allow for more collaboration and networking with Wikis and Blogs and many other interesting features.

Call to action

Partners doing interesting stuff around OBA : get your company and your solution listed in OBA Central here to let it know to the world!

Customers interested in OBA: have a look at the OBA solutions that are currently available in your industry, geography or LOB.  Not only to get an idea about the current partner offerings around OBA but also to get a better insight in the potential business value OBA could bring to your company as well as the architectures that is underpinning the solution. 

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