Mesh-Enabled Applications are born………….

I have been busy. Extermely busy, and you will know why very soon.  I will be presenting a session on Mesh-Enabled Applications at PDC 2008 in LA.  But what are Mesh-Enabled Applications?  what can you do with them?  how do they provide pure goodness and value to developers? and why do I care….  Mary-Jo Foley…


Live Mesh is Live….

Live Mesh was launched last night but we have only told part of the story.  The platform and developer story is the most interesting part.  I will be blogging more about Live Mesh Developer Platform on my blog soon……you can find a list of interesting posts about Live Mesh here.


Make sure you use my new blog

I still get messages and comments added to this blog.  That is great but I don’t check this blog very often so your questions stay unanswered. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, please use my new blog where I am more responsive to messages and questions. Merci beaucoup Arash


Blog move….Come and visit my new blog…..

I have decided to move my blog to a different server.  My new blog is located here: Or I will continue to blog about the same topics that you see here and more new stuff as we get green light to talk about them in public; Microsoft Live Services and developer platform, CRM, Program Management,…


Thanks for all the nice comments

Just had a chance to go through many comments that have been posted to my blog.  Thank you for all the nice comments.  As for CRM questions, sorry I am not going to spend much time replying to those.  There are now other folks who are more qualified to answer those kind of questions…


Using Silverlight as an excuse to get back on blogging….

What a great way to get back on the blogging scene (I hope it lasts, with all the things that are going on:-)), last week Mix conference in Las Vegas had a great announcement.  I personally didn’t attend but a few colleagues went and did a great job of sending up to the minute update.  If you…