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CRM Early Bound Entity Classes in Code Vs. .NET Traditional LINQ (Entity Framework)

Hello Folks, I have been always writing some basic sort of examples on CRM scripting / SDK. This time I have brought down this to .NET core feature called “Entity Framework” versus “CRM SDK”. This article is useful is people who are quite familiar with LINQ but are new to CRM entity classes. Let’s take… Read more

Creating CRM Early bound entity in CRM 2011 Plugin

Hello Guys, I’m back with exciting new topic which could be helpful when you want to understand on how to use early bound classes in CRM Plugin. Let’s take a look at the hand-on pre-requisites Visual Studio 2010 or higher .NET Framework 4.0 LINQ CRM SDK – Consuming Services CRM SDK – Plugin Development I… Read more

CRM Plug-in Development – What should you be aware of?

Today I’m kicking off the posts on plugins. I dedicate today’s post to CRM developers who are planning for plugin development. I have collected and provided all the information that you would need to understand before you start architecting your plugin. Before we get started, please check the prerequisites that you should be aware of:… Read more

Issues authenticating to CRM Online organizations "An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party"

Hello Developers, This article is most interesting and life saver for who are in trouble with authenticating to CRM Online organizations. Microsoft recently announced about moving organization to integrated O365 environment. Looks awesome!! Does this mean you’ll need to revisit your code?? Yes you will need to 🙂 I’ve framed couple of questions which may cross… Read more

Authenticate Office 365 Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Here’s what I have for you guys a simple technique to connect to your CRM office 365 based organizations. I have created a sample to add a new contact. This will help you use the Create function of CRM Service Create an empty solution in VS 2010 Right click, to add new class library project… Read more

SSIS 2008 Integration with CRM 2011 on-Premise

This article deals with integrating SSIS 2008 and CRM 2011. You might have faced a lot of issues doing this part. As we know that SSIS 2008 still doesn’t support .NET 4.0 Framework so adding .NET 4 compiled assemblies is not a possible task/solution. What’s next? We can do this with backward compatibility using CRM… Read more

Enable/Disable out of the box ribbon items

Hello Guys, I have come up with an interesting article on enabling/disabling the out of box ribbon items in CRM 2011. This article demonstrates the order entity where I would be disabling the “Create invoice button” based on a condition in jscript. The script returns “false” or “true” value. Before we get started, here’s the… Read more

Debugging CRM scripts using IE developer tool

Hello people, I dedicate this post to our newest developers using jscript in CRM. I have added steps on how you can debug your scripts with events like OnLoad, OnSave and OnChange. The process of using IE developer doesn’t change but I have customized it to CRM level. Requirements Internet Explorer (7.0 or above) CRM… Read more

Creating records in CRM while Outlook client is in offline mode.

Hello All, I’m back with exciting new sample code to develop your own SDK application with offline capability. The application uses Cassini server URL. This article provides you step by step information how and what to write. I have also mentioned some environment step that you can keep handy. Requirements CRM for Outlook (Offline Capability)… Read more

Create your custom web service and integrate with CRM 2011 Online

I hope this article can help you understand when you need to create a middleware between CRM system and a Legacy system/or custom application.The below example talks about the “contact” entity where the web service accepts the “lastname” attribute of it and inserts the same into CRM system. The end result is the guid which… Read more