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Dynamics 365 – WebAPI CRUD Operations (C#)

I’ve added this post to showcase the CRUD operations in C# through WebAPI endpoint. You must have working experience in below areas: – Program using C# Dynamics 356 Online. Visual Studio Conceptual knowledge of ODATA Operations. Using ADAL + OAuth All the operations below require access token to be passed as a header hence it’s important… Read more

D365 Portals : Using FetchXML with Liqiuid

Hello Everyone, This is my first ever post with D365 Portals. I will bring up more interesting ones as we go along. Today I am going to talk about how you can customize your portal’s web template to use CRM fetch query with liquid. Prerequisites: FetchXML using Advanced Find in CRM Customizing D365 Portals Scenario: D365… Read more

Troubleshooting and developing oauth enabled applications with Dynamics 365

OAuth applications can be developed using Dynamics 365 Online and OnPremise versions. Let’s see these in more details: HOW DOES OAUTH WORK IN GENERAL   The Authorization Server is the v2.0 endpoint. It is responsible for ensuring the user’s identity, granting and revoking access to resources, and issuing tokens. It is also known as the identity… Read more

Configure Azure and create dynamics 365 apps using OAuth, WebAPI (C#)

Hey Everyone This blog covers the configuration steps that are required for app registration in Azure console and then consume WebAPI for creating and search existing records in CRM. Prerequisites : Using Azure Management Console Json Serialize using Newtonsoft Basic understanding of HttpClient and WebAPI in general ADAL (Azure Active Directory Authentication Library) CONFIGURE YOUR… Read more

Dynamics 365 – WebAPI Crud Operations (JavaScript)

Hey Guys, It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know for sure this is late. I think it would be helpful to see basics items on WebAPI (using JavaScript). The article today talks about the CRUD (Create, update, read and delete) operations using WebAPI endpoints. You must have working experience in below areas: –… Read more

WebAPI Series 1 – Using Jscript to update record attributes

Hey Folks, Since the launch of CRM 2016 we have been officially using WebAPI which is something the coolest. I’m not going to talk much here about this but have developed a sample for quick use. The sample is used for updating an account record.   function Test() { var clientUrl = Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl(); var req… Read more

Create a new business process programmatically with multiple entities

Hey Guys, Today I’m going to talk about an exciting new feature of CRM 2013/2015 environment “Business Process Flows”. You can read more about the features here While you can do this job from UI, but the idea is to automate the creation of next steps automatically. This article talks about the a plugin code… Read more

Use OAuth to Authenticate with the CRM Web Services

Hey guys, Today I’m going to talk about an interesting sample on Windows store apps which will go connect with CRM using Oauth. You’ll need a working knowledge on the following ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) – Available on Nuget ADFS 3.0 Window Store Apps A bit of Fiddler (Optional) I’m trying to walk you… Read more

Tool for troubleshooting authentication using CRM SDK

Hello Folks, Finally I was able to spend some time out to work on shorter code for CRM connection using late bound approach. More than the helper concept the idea is about a universal application which can help you troubleshoot/isolate the issues with CRM authentication. The blog as an application attached where you will also… Read more