WOPI Framework

This blog post provides the documentation for the WOPI Framework repository, available on GitHub at http://github.com/apulliam/WOPIFramework. This repository contains a simple framework designed to accelerate building a WOPI Server with ASP.NET, along with two sample reference implementations which demonstrate how to use the WOPI Framework – one using Azure DocumentDB and one using SQL Server….


Introducing BrokeredPointOfService Brokered Windows Runtime Component wrapper library for POS for .NET 1.14

Technorati Tags: Brokered Windows Runtime Component,Brokered WinRT Component,POS for .NET,POS,Point of Service,Windows.Devices.PointOfService This blog article provides instructions for building, testing and extending the Open Source BrokeredPointOfService library available at http://github.com/apulliam/BrokeredPointOfService. While the information in this article is about BrokeredPointOfService, POS for .NET, and writing Windows Modern Point Of Service (POS) applications with BrokeredPointOfService, most the…