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January/February 2017 App Service Update

Diagnose and solve problems App Service has a new experience for Diagnose and solve problems. With this new UI we make it easier to distinguish between application issues (your code) and platform issues (App Service). We also provide quick solutions (Fix it!) tailored to the problems you might be experiencing. The UI provides a view of… Read more

App Service Companion for iOS update

We have just release an update for our App Service Companion app for iOS Some of the key new features include: – Ability to “favorite” apps for quick access – New grouping option in the app list to quickly navigate through large app collections. – Support for Push notifications – New native UI built specially… Read more

App Service Continuous Delivery Preview

Continuing the partnership between App Service and Visual Studio Team Services, we have a new preview experience for setting up a continuous delivery pipeline to automate the source control, build, test and deployment of your solutions to App Service. The new experience is accessible through the settings menu under App Deployment > Continuous Delivery (Preview)… Read more

Streamlined integration of App Service and Application Insights

Application Insights helps you detect and diagnose quality issues in your web apps and services, and enables you to understand what users actually do with them.  We believe that Application Insights provides great value to Azure App Service users and that’s why we have made it super easy to enable this for your app from… Read more

PHP troubleshooting guide for common errors

Here is a troubleshooting guide for PHP errors on Azure app service. 5xx Errors Multiple loaded extension: You might notice an error in php_errors.log when a extension is not loading. It could be that there is another extension already pre-configured on the platform. Install PHP manager  ( extension as shown in the image) from the… Read more

Announcing MySQL in-app for Web Apps

MySQL in-app feature enables running MySql natively on Azure App Service platform.You don’t need to provision a database explicitly as during the creation of the web app when using this feature,  we take care of enabling it if you select “MySQL in-app ” during creation or if the feature is turned ON for existing web… Read more

Create digital experiences with Episerver CMS in Azure

Episerver CMS, a platform to build web content management solutions, is now available in the Azure Marketplace.This gives you the ability to get a 30-day free evaluation of Episerver CMS running on Azure App Service. Please note that you will be charged for the Azure resources consumed by the application in your Azure subscription. This… Read more

Azure App Service Web App troubleshooting blade and tools

I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to Build/Ship/Support on premise products as well as cloud services for Microsoft. One of my biggest take away from this experience is, “You ship an on-premises product and make it’s issues/bugs your CUSTOMER’S problem. You ship a service in the cloud and now the same issues/bugs are YOUR… Read more