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Azure Functions Tools released for Visual Studio 2017 Update 3

Azure Functions Tools are now included in the Azure workload of Visual Studio 2017 Update 3. The tools support building and publishing a class library as the implementation of a Function App. Configure bindings and triggers using attributes in your code, rather than a separate metadata file…. Read more

FAQ : App Service Domain (preview) and Custom Domains

Here are most frequent questions asked about App Service domains . How do I resolve 404 error “Web Site not found”  when I browse my site ? You are seeing this error due to one of the reasons listed below : The custom domain configured is missing a CNAME and/or A record . To configure… Read more

New tabbed experience for Azure Functions UX

Today we are releasing a new tabbed experience for Azure Functions that lets you quickly navigate between multiple features when you are configuring your application. This new experience was developed as part of the Azure Functions UX open source project with input from Azure Functions MVP community. As part of the efforts to be more… Read more

Assign App Service domain to Azure VM or Azure Storage

App Service domains (preview) simplifies to create and manage domains for various Azure services. App Service domains leverages Azure DNS for hosting the domain and GoDaddy as the domain registrar.In addition to the domain registration fee, usage charges for Azure DNS apply. For information, see Azure DNS Pricing. This tutorial shows you how to buy an App… Read more

FAQ : App Service Certificates

Here is a list of commonly asked questions for App Service Certificates. How do I purchase and configure a new SSL certificate in Azure for my web app? To learn how to purchase and set up an SSL certificate for your App Service web app, see Add an SSL certificate to your App Service app. My… Read more

Alpha Preview for Durable Functions

Last week, we open sourced an early preview version of our new Durable Task Framework extension for Azure Functions (also referred to as Durable Functions) and we now have instructions on how to set it up to test both locally and on Azure. We’re really excited about this binding and expect it to make a difference… Read more

FAQ : Azure marketplace for Web Apps

Here is a list of frequently asked questions designed to provide a better understanding of the Azure marketplace for Web How do I submit my Web Application to Windows Web Application Gallery? A. You can submit your application here. Before you submit the application please read through the guidelines and process for submission in this article…. Read more