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Azure Mobile Apps .NET SDK v3.0.2 Released

Today, we released a patch version of the Azure Mobile Apps .NET SDK. If you have already adjusted your clients to use v3.0.1, then this update does not provide any benefit. However, if you are upgrading from v2.x to get support for Android Nougat, you should use v3.0.2. Here are the improvements: (#233, #235, #240)… Read more

Announcing Azure App Service Companion preview

Today when you are managing your existing Azure App Service assets you have two options, the Azure Portal, or Azure CLI both of this experiences are great when used in your laptop/desktop regardless of what operating system you are using; however, neither of them are tailored for use in mobile scenarios, this is where Azure… Read more

Streamlined integration of App Service and Application Insights

Application Insights helps you detect and diagnose quality issues in your web apps and services, and enables you to understand what users actually do with them.  We believe that Application Insights provides great value to Azure App Service users and that’s why we have made it super easy to enable this for your app from… Read more

App Service Mobile Apps .NET Client SDK 3.0.1 Release

We just rolled out Azure Mobile Client SDK 3.0.1 and Azure Mobile SQLiteStore 3.0.1! Here are the updates we made: This Mobile Client SDK release is out of 3.0.0-beta! The previous Mobile SQLiteStore 2.x.x libraries depending on SQLitePCL, which uses the Android system SQLiteStore, no longer works with Android Level 24/Android N. Starting with Android Level… Read more

Upgrade ClearDB MySQL database in Azure portal

ClearDB MySQL database now supports single step upgrade in Azure portal. If you using a ClearDB database you may at some point in time hit quota limitations on ClearDB such as max connections or storage limits . For more details in pricing tiers and quota limits click here. How to upgrade your ClearDB MySQL database Login to Azure… Read more

Get some hands-on time with Serverless development right now, for free

If you are reading this blog, you have most likely heard the term Serverless once or twice in the past few months. In a nutshell, Serverless means a fully managed platform capable of running your code (in the form of functions), at almost any given scale while paying only for the time when your code… Read more

PHP troubleshooting guide for common errors

Here is a troubleshooting guide for PHP errors on Azure app service. 5xx Errors Multiple loaded extension: You might notice an error in php_errors.log when a extension is not loading. It could be that there is another extension already pre-configured on the platform. Install PHP manager  ( extension as shown in the image) from the… Read more

Troubleshooting FAQ for MySQL in-app

Here are some troubleshooting guidelines for MySQL in-app feature: 1. I cannot to access the database using Phpmyadmin When you access PHPmyadmin for MySQL in-app and the page returns a login page or “cannot connect: invalid settings” error. There can be two causes for this issue: MySQL process may not be running. Check process explorer if MySQL is… Read more

Azure Functions 0.5 release & August portal update

We're happy to announce we've officially released Azure Functions host version 0.5 into our Public Preview, as well as some updates to our Portal experience. The host version does include several breaking changes, so please read the release notes before upgrading. We will also be updating our default version in create to ~0.5 as well,… Read more

Onboarding to Azure Web Marketplace and Certification

Azure Marketplace is a hub of solutions for users to create different types of resources.  Each category of resource such as Data services, Virtual machines, Web have different on-boarding processes for ISVs to publish their solutions in Azure marketplace. In this article we will discuss the process to on-board Web Apps to Web Marketplace in… Read more