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Azure Mobile: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple Submission Process

Apple announced in September 2015 that from the 1st of June, all apps submitted to the iOS App Store for review must support IPv6 only networks. TL;DR – your app submissions will likely work just fine as long as you are not embedding IPv4 addresses or using IPv4 specific communication methods in your apps. For… Read more

Cross-Post: App Service Auth and Azure AD Domain Hints

Note: This post was cross-posted from CGillum Dev Blog. When creating web, mobile, API, or Function apps for use by members of your organization, it’s often the case that you’re using Azure Active Directory and you want to remove the option to log in with non-organizational credentials. For example, you want to prevent users from accidentally… Read more

Create digital experiences with Episerver CMS in Azure

Episerver CMS, a platform to build web content management solutions, is now available in the Azure Marketplace.This gives you the ability to get a 30-day free evaluation of Episerver CMS running on Azure App Service. Please note that you will be charged for the Azure resources consumed by the application in your Azure subscription. This… Read more

Cross-Post: Creating a Corporate Wiki in Azure

Note: This post was cross-posted from CGillum Dev Blog. Using Azure App Service and Azure Active Directory (AAD), it’s possible to create a MediaWiki-based web app for use within your organization with minimal setup and for little or no cost. If you’re not familiar with MediaWiki, it’s the same open source platform which powers Wikipedia…. Read more

Offline Sync with Azure Mobile Apps and Apache Cordova

In the past, I’ve introduced you to a TodoList application built in Apache Cordova so that it is available for iOS, Android or any other platform that Apache Cordova supports. You can find the QuickStart for Apache Cordova from within the Azure Portal, and read about it within our documentation. Recently, we released a new… Read more

Azure App Service and ASP.NET Core

The release of ASP.NET Core 1.0 was announced today! ASP.NET Core 1.0 supports modern web development with its lightweight and modular design. ASP.NET Core is also cross-platform ready and open source. You can read all the details for the release in this announcement. Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 was also announced today with support to build… Read more

Cross-Post: App Service Auth and Azure AD B2C

Note: This post was cross-posted from CGillum Dev Blog. An exciting new preview feature which was recently added to Azure Active Directory is Azure Active Directory B2C. “B2C” stands for “Business to Consumer” and allows a developer to add user and login management to their application with very little (if any) coding. This also includes… Read more

Adjusting the HTTP call with Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps provides an awesome client SDK for dealing with common mobile client problems – data access, offline sync, Notification Hubs registration and authentication.  Sometimes, you want to be able to do something extra in the client.  Perhaps you need to adjust the headers that are sent, or perhaps you want to understand the requests… Read more

Updates to WebJobs Portal experience

We’ve recently made updates to the WebJobs Portal experience in the Azure Portal designed to make it easier to set up a scheduled triggered WebJob, access the trigger URL for triggered WebJobs, and other operations like viewing your logs. Creating a scheduled WebJob As you can see in the screenshot, to create a scheduled WebJob requires… Read more