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Disable Session affinity cookie (ARR cookie) for Azure web apps

Azure app service allows you to auto scale your web app by dynamically adding web server instances to handle the traffic to your web app. Azure app service uses Application Request Routing IIS Extension to distribute your connecting users between your active instances serving up the content. ARR cleverly identifies the user by assigning them… Read more

App Service supports Node.js v6

We’re happy to announce that Azure App Service supports Node.js v6.0.0. Node.js v6.0.0 is a major step forward for the Node.js community thanks to the efforts of so many to increase the ES6 compatibility coverage, as well as many performance and security improvements. We’ll follow the developments of v6 closely (including v6.1.0 which came out… Read more

Azure Functions: The Journey

Our team was excited to recently release a preview of the new Azure Functions service at //build. We’ve done some blogging about the service already (e.g. Introducing Azure Functions), but in this post we’d like to delve a bit behind the scenes and discuss how the project started and the journey we’ve taken to arrive… Read more