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Exporting your database to MySQL in-app database

This blog post will guide you through the process of exporting your current website’s database to local MySQL. Follow the process below to export your database: Locate and access your current database: Your database must be remotely accessible. Check your existing hosting provider on how to access your MySQL database. Most common tool used is… Read more

Announcing MySQL in-app for Web Apps (Windows)

MySQL in-app feature enables running MySql natively on Azure App Service platform.You don’t need to provision a database explicitly as during the creation of the web app when using this feature,  we take care of enabling it if you select “MySQL in-app ” during creation or if the feature is turned ON for existing web… Read more

Benchmarking MySQL in-app performance

Azure app service just launched a new feature, MySQL in-app to support MySQL natively. MySQL in-app is recommended for development and testing (DEV/TEST)  scenarios to quickly spin up PHP+ MYSQL applications on Azure to start developing and understanding the Azure app service platform. You can easily migrate this database when ready for production to ClearDB database… Read more

Cross-Post: App Service Auth and Azure AD B2C (Part 2)

Note: This post was cross-posted from CGillum Dev Blog. EDIT 1/23/2017: Updated token refresh section with simplified instructions and added code snippets. This post is a continuation of my previous post on App Service Auth and Azure AD B2C, where I demonstrated how you can create a web app that uses Azure AD B2C without… Read more

Patching Swagger-UI Vulnerabilities in Azure Mobile Apps

ALERT: Some Mobile Apps (a feature of Azure App Service) deployments may be vulnerable to phishing attacks because of how current and older versions of swagger-ui are installed. Please take steps to determine if your deployments are at risk, and then mitigate, if necessary. Our Microsoft Azure Security team is following reports of multiple high… Read more

Azure Mobile: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple Submission Process

Apple announced in September 2015 that from the 1st of June, all apps submitted to the iOS App Store for review must support IPv6 only networks. TL;DR – your app submissions will likely work just fine as long as you are not embedding IPv4 addresses or using IPv4 specific communication methods in your apps. For… Read more

Cross-Post: App Service Auth and Azure AD Domain Hints

Note: This post was cross-posted from CGillum Dev Blog. When creating web, mobile, API, or Function apps for use by members of your organization, it’s often the case that you’re using Azure Active Directory and you want to remove the option to log in with non-organizational credentials. For example, you want to prevent users from accidentally… Read more