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Azure App Service on Azure Stack Update One Released

This morning we released the first update to Azure App Service on Azure Stack.  This release updates the resource provider and brings the following key capabilities: Support for Highly Available deployments of Azure App Service on Azure Stack The Azure Stack 1802 update enabled workloads to be deployed across fault domains. Therefore App Service infrastructure… Read more

Understanding Serverless Cold Start

“Cold start” is a large discussion point for serverless architectures and is a point of ambiguity for many users of Azure Functions. The goal of this post is to help you understand what cold start is, why it happens, and how you can architect your solutions around it. To provide this explanation, we’ll be going… Read more

Demystifying the magic behind App Service OS updates

Well, that’s a loaded title for a blog post! But here’s the thing, we’ve been asked many times about what actually goes on behind the scenes when App Service updates the resources hosting App Service apps. First, we need to mention briefly what is App Service . App Service is a PaaS (Platform as a Service)… Read more

Announcing Azure Functions Runtime preview 2

Customers have embraced Azure Functions because it allows them to focus on application innovation rather than infrastructure management. The simplicity of the Functions programming model that underpins the service, has been key to enable this. This model that allows developers to build event-driven solutions and easily bind their code to other services while using their favorite developer… Read more

Azure Functions Proxies is now Generally Available

Functions Proxies is an API toolkit built into Functions to enable you to build APIs faster! Proxies makes it easy to perform simple API operations, like nesting multiple Functions together under one API, as well as API fundamentals, like mock APIs, OpenAPI definitions, and monitoring. Since preview we’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback and… Read more

Zip Push Deployment for Web Apps, Functions and WebJobs

With our most recent release of Kudu, we have introduced a new deployment option for web apps, Azure Functions and WebJobs: zip push deployment. Zipdeploy combines the simplicity of Kudu’s zip API with the flexibility and robustness of Kudu’s deployment features, like deletion of unused files from old deployments, history tracking and Auto Swap support…. Read more