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Azure App Service on Azure Stack Update 3 Released

This afternoon we released the third update to Azure App Service on Azure Stack.  This release updates the resource provider and brings the following key capabilities: Support for use of SQL Server Always On for Azure App Service Resource Provider databases. Updates to App Service Tenant, Admin, Functions portals and Kudu tools. Updates to ASP.Net Core,… Read more

Learn how to orchestrate serverless functions by scraping APIs in 8 minutes

Our scenario The project I’m working on requires me to retrieve information from multiple sources like the NuGet and GitHub API. Let’s bring into focus how I’m downloading data from the GitHub API. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably already heard me talk about it. Ever ended up on a sample that should… Read more

Function Proxies now Available in Functions Version 2.x!

I’m very excited to announce the availability of Function Proxies in Functions Version 2.x! Function Proxies enable multiple HTTP Functions to be composited together, mock APIs and single page apps to be hosted in Functions, and HTTP requests to be modified in transit. All that functionality is now available alongside Java Functions, .NET Core Functions,… Read more

Announcing General Availability and Sovereign Cloud Support of Managed Service Identity for App Service and Azure Functions

Securing access between resources is an important part of modern cloud architectures, and we want to make that as simple as possible in Azure. Managed Service Identity (MSI) lets you securely connect to AAD-protected resources without needing to manage or rotate any secrets. If you need to work with a service that doesn’t support AAD,… Read more

TLS Configuration now fixed to block 1.0

We recently announced that all App Service and Functions apps could update TLS configuration. However, after deployment, an edge case scenario was identified involving SNI-SSL which led to SSL analyzing tools such as SSL Labs, showing that TLS 1.0 was still accepted, while higher versions were selected. We have now completed the deployment which solves… Read more

Azure App Service on Azure Stack Update Two Released

This morning we released the second update to Azure App Service on Azure Stack.  This release updates the resource provider and brings the following key capabilities: Auto Swap of deployment slots feature is now enabled – Configuring Auto Swap Testing in Production feature enabled – Introduction to Testing in Production Azure Functions Proxies enabled –… Read more

April 2018 App Service update

We had a busy April, check out all the new features and improvements for App Service including support for Kubernetes and Docker Compose, New pricing and much more!… Read more

Web Apps making changes to FTP deployments

We are continuously taking steps to improve Azure Platform security. As part of this ongoing effort an upgrade of App Service is planned for all regions during the first part of May. Changes to deployment options When this upgrade is complete Web Apps will provide the following configurations with the option to change your default… Read more

App Service Diagnostics Comes to Functions, ASE, and More!

Have you ever had issues with an unhealthy web app? Last year, we launched App Service Diagnostics, an intelligent and guided troubleshooting experience that points you and the right direction to diagnose and solve issues of your web app (without having to configuring anything special to enable this feature!). Since then, we’ve read all the… Read more

Azure Functions Recipes

Recently, we released a collection of over 50 tips and tricks for Azure Functions that we’re calling “Functions Recipes“. Each recipe demonstrates a single, useful concept for working with Azure Functions. They include patterns and practices, integrations with other services, and tips that you may have overlooked when reading the documentation. With every recipe, you… Read more