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Troubleshooting Tools for App Service Certificate

This blog post describes the various tools available to you to debug any issues with App Service Certificates  resources that you may be using with Web App or other Azure Services.  SSL is a critical part of your application and when configuring the certificate or renewing the certificate there can be a few issues you might run into . These tools listed below can help provide you information to self-debug the issue in most cases.

  1. Verify Status of your Certificate : Check if the Status of your certificate is ready for use. Sometimes the certificate might have Domain verification step pending and this status tile can help provide information on what steps you need to take 
  2. Debug using Timeline : View the list of historical activities or operations that have occurred on App Service Certificate resource using the Timeline feature to help debug the issue 
  3. Sync a Certificate : The Web App service runs a background job that periodically (once a day ) that syncs all App Service certificate. Hence when you rotate or update a certificate, sometimes the application is still retrieving the old certificate and not the newly updated certificate.  This  is because the job has not run to sync the certificate resource.   To force a sync of the certificate , you can click on Rekey and Sync setting and then click on Sync button .
  4. Refer to FAQs   documentation  : Get access to appropriate documentation to App Service certificates to help resolve the issue with Configuration , Rekey and Sync , Renewal etc  .


If the above tools dont help you resolve the certificate related issues , then please contact Microsoft Azure Support.