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Configure App Service Certificate to Azure Virtual machines

App Service Certificate can be used for other Azure service and not just App Service Web App. This tutorial shows you how to secure your web app by purchasing an SSL certificate using App Service Certificates ,  securely storing it in Azure Key Vault  , domain verification and configuring it your virtual machine . Before your begin… Read more

Zip Push Deployment for Web Apps, Functions and WebJobs

With our most recent release of Kudu, we have introduced a new deployment option for web apps, Azure Functions and WebJobs: zip push deployment. Zipdeploy combines the simplicity of Kudu’s zip API with the flexibility and robustness of Kudu’s deployment features, like deletion of unused files from old deployments, history tracking and Auto Swap support…. Read more

Retirement of the PHP 5.5 runtime from App Service

Strongly Recommended to Upgrade to PHP 5.6, 7.0, or 7.1 Because the PHP Group stated that PHP 5.5 is no longer supported, there won’t be any more updates to that version, including security fixes. To avoid the potential for security issues on App Service, we plan to retire our support of PHP 5.5 in January 2018. Currently,… Read more

Durable Functions and Bindings Extensibility Preview Announcement

We’re excited to announce two new preview features in Azure Functions: Durable Functions: A framework that makes it easy to orchestrate multiple functions and manage state for your serverless apps. Binding extensibility: A capability that allows you to create your own reusable serverless components that can be used from any supported language. Durable Functions In… Read more