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Function Proxies adds Mock APIs to the Portal

I’m very happy to announce mock API and HTTP request/response overrides in the Azure functions portal. This feature allows a function proxy to return sample data through a mock API, enabling development against a functions API endpoint without writing any code. Request/response overrides allows API data to be transformed in flight, enabling new API schemas to be supported without modifying a backend API.

This functionality mirrors the existing request/response overrides and mocks previously only accessible through proxies.json 


The following example shows a mock API that mimics the “hello serverless” example. The example returns a static response while also inserting text from a request parameter.

The next example performs a transform on requests as they’re sent to It changes all HTTP verbs to HTTP GET, and appends the request’s verb to the response header.

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We’ve seen a great response to the proxies preview and we’re excited to continue releasing updates

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