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Processing 100,000 Events Per Second on Azure Functions

Customers often ask us about the scalability/throughput limits of the consumption plan for Azure Functions. The short answer is always “it depends, what does your workload look like?”. Today I want to talk about running high scale Event Hub / IOT Hub workloads on Functions and some key points to be aware of in order… Read more

Function Proxies adds Mock APIs to the Portal

I’m very happy to announce mock API and HTTP request/response overrides in the Azure functions portal. This feature allows a function proxy to return sample data through a mock API, enabling development against a functions API endpoint without writing any code. Request/response overrides allows API data to be transformed in flight, enabling new API schemas to… Read more

August 2017 App Service update

This month we rolled out a few major releases for App Service including: Azure App Service on Linux, Web Apps for containers, New Azure Functions browse, File System Quota and IP Restrictions UX and Bot Apps on App Service…. Read more

How-to : For WordPress on App Service (Windows/Linux )

With both App Service for Windows and Linux  today , setting up  and configuration of your WordPress app is different in some way based on whether you are using Linux vs Windows . The matrix below can help guide your the appropriate documentation and steps for your WordPress app   Web App on Windows  Web… Read more