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Web App on Linux <3 Azure Container Registry

With our latest UX deployment we introduced a new user experience to easily choose Docker images that are stored in an Azure Container Registry (ACR) repo. Moreover we offer you a single click continuous deployment experience using webhooks with the Preview SKUs of ACR.   For more information please check our intro doc at,… Read more

Introducing Proactive Auto Heal

Many of you may be familiar with the Auto Heal feature which allows you to configure limits on your Web App for request count, slow requests, Http status codes, and memory usage. Many times when you are experiencing problems with your Web App that can include slow responses or a non-responsive site, a simple restart… Read more

Azure Functions Tools released for Visual Studio 2017 Update 3

Azure Functions Tools are now included in the Azure workload of Visual Studio 2017 Update 3. The tools support building and publishing a class library as the implementation of a Function App. Configure bindings and triggers using attributes in your code, rather than a separate metadata file…. Read more

FAQ : App Service Domain and Custom Domains

Here are most frequent questions asked about App Service domains . Custom Domains How do I resolve 404 error “Web Site not found”  when I browse my site ? You are seeing this error due to one of the reasons listed below : The custom domain configured is missing a CNAME and/or A record …. Read more

New tabbed experience for Azure Functions UX

Today we are releasing a new tabbed experience for Azure Functions that lets you quickly navigate between multiple features when you are configuring your application. This new experience was developed as part of the Azure Functions UX open source project with input from Azure Functions MVP community. As part of the efforts to be more… Read more