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Azure Mobile Apps Quickstart Samples available as GitHub repositories

We recently made a change to the way that we manage the Azure Mobile Apps quickstarts. In the past, when you created a Mobile App, you could go to the Quickstart blade and download a client. This mechanism is still available to you. However, we have also made these quickstart projects available as GitHub repositories…. Read more

WordPress on Web app for Containers

Web Apps on Linux allows running web apps natively on Linux. WordPress is popular blogging platform primarily used on Linux distributions.  Today we have released WordPress for App Service on Linux in the Azure marketplace that helps you quickly create a WordPress application on Web apps (Linux) . This docker image enables you to run a… Read more

Announcing Try App Service: API Apps

Today we are very excited to announce the addition of Azure API Apps to Try App Service. You can now create free trial API Apps with no credit card in a matter of seconds! API Apps provide a streamlined PaaS experience for hosting APIs. Leverage turnkey security, rich Visual Studio integration, and Swagger support to… Read more

New integrated portal for Azure Functions

I’m excited to announce a new integrated portal experience for Azure Functions, which provides a more streamlined experience that is more integrated with the rest of the Azure Portal. It’s now much easier to manage one or more Function Apps…. Read more

Azure Functions now has direct integration with Application Insights

Today we’re encouraging everyone to go give Azure Functions’ Application Insights integration a try. You can find full instructions and notes on how it works at Now it takes (nearly) zero effort to add Application Insights to your Azure Functions and immediately unlock a powerful tool for monitoring your applications. Application Insights is now… Read more