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Updating Migrated Azure Mobile Services Sites for Facebook Auth

If you use a combination of Azure Mobile Services and Facebook authentication, then you will have noticed that the Facebook authentication stopped working yesterday. This was due to the deprecation of an underlying Facebook OAuth protocol that the service relied on. If your Azure Mobile Services site has not been migrated yet, we have made… Read more

Publishing a .NET class library as a Function App

With our new Azure Functions runtime support for precompiled functions, you can now use familiar Visual Studio features such IntelliSense and unit testing. These features were among the top requests after we launched the preview Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions. This also enables an improved development workflow for customers who feel that that class… Read more

Azure Functions F# support is now generally available

Today, we’re happy to announce that F# is now generally available for all users of Azure Functions. Now that the API is stable, anyone can build production applications with Functions written in F#. You can get started today by using one of the F# templates in the portal today. Getting started with F#  and HTTP… Read more

January/February 2017 App Service Update

Diagnose and solve problems App Service has a new experience for Diagnose and solve problems. With this new UI we make it easier to distinguish between application issues (your code) and platform issues (App Service). We also provide quick solutions (Fix it!) tailored to the problems you might be experiencing. The UI provides a view of… Read more

Custom Cultures Coming Soon to Azure App Service

In response to customer feedback the Azure App Service team is planning to add custom cultures at the end of March 2017. The culture definitions influence aspects like the writing system, the calendar, the sort order of strings, and formatting for dates and numbers. We recommend reviewing related code paths for your apps to properly… Read more

Announcing general availability for MySQL in-app

MySQL in-app was a preview feature launched last year in August.  The feature primary objective was to make it easier to build and test MySQL based applications on App Service.  Today, I am excited to announce general availability of MySQL in-app feature. We have rolled out a database migration feature from MySQL in-app that allows you to… Read more

Migrate development database on MySQL in-app to production MySQL database

MySQL in-app feature on App service  has announced general availability today.  The feature has been keen on improve the experience of developing MySQL based applications on Azure App Service.  Once your application is ready to go live , you need to migrate the database content to your production database.  This can be tedious  task when done manually …. Read more