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ClearDB maintenance for Mercury databases on Microsoft Azure

We are conducting an assessment on ClearDB MySQL databases associated with Azure customers. We have found several instances where subscriptions are deployed in ClearDB but have no corresponding Azure account associated with them. To synchronize the ClearDB and Azure services, any MySQL database that does not have a valid Azure account will be frozen on… Read more

Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK v3.3.0 Released

Today we are releasing the Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK to CocoaPods and other online properties. This is a drop-in replacement for the existing SDK. We only have one feature fix in this release. We updated the authentication code to support the SFSafariViewController. This release affects you if you use Google Authentication and a server-flow…. Read more

Revisiting Windows Azure Pack Web Sites V2 Support Lifecycle Dates

Windows Azure Pack Web Sites V2 is an on-premises, high density, multi-tenant web hosting for service providers and enterprise IT and provides an experience similar to the predecessor to Azure App Service, Azure Web Sites.  The product is deployed on top of Windows Server 2012 R2 and is an optional add-on to Windows Azure Pack…. Read more

Parse Server on Azure App Service Updated

The open-source Parse Server project has moved on since we first published the Marketplace resource for running your own version of Parse Server on Azure App Service. The Azure version of Parse Server uses all Azure resources – DocumentDb, Storage, Notification Hubs and App Service. Recently, Parse Server got updated to v2.3.0. If you wish… Read more

Preview API Apps Deprecation

Affected Product: Azure Preview API Apps (v1) Deprecation Date: January 18th, 2017 Removal Date: March 14th, 2017 Mitigation: Redeploy workload to App Service API Apps (v2) Today we are announcing the deprecation of Preview API Apps, referred to as v1 API Apps for this article. v1 API Apps are deprecated immediately and will be removed… Read more

Notification Hubs Java SDK Improvements – Direct Send, Cancel Scheduled Pushes, Get Telemetry

We are excited to share some of the recent updates the Notification Hubs team has made to its Java Server SDK. We have added a cancelScheduledNotification API that lets you delete scheduled notifications provided the scheduled notification ID. We have added sendDirectNotification that can directly push any type of notifications (APNS, GCM, WNS, etc) to… Read more

Azure Mobile Apps .NET SDK Releases

Today, we are releasing two new .NET SDK releases – v2.0.0 on the server side and v3.1.0 on the client side. The NuGet packages are available from the main NuGet repository and the symbols have been updated on symbolsource. Azure Mobile Apps ASP.NET Server SDK v2.0.0 It’s been a while since we updated the ASP.NET… Read more

Azure Functions preview versioning update

Azure Functions deprecating preview versions With Azure Functions recently becoming generally available and making the 1.0 Azure Functions host available, we are now announcing that preview versions of the Azure Functions host (0.x) are deprecated and we're preparing to begin removal of these versions beginning February 1st, 2017. All Azure Functions users should upgrade their… Read more