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Announcing Azure Functions Runtime preview 2

Customers have embraced Azure Functions because it allows them to focus on application innovation rather than infrastructure management. The simplicity of the Functions programming model that underpins the service, has been key to enable this. This model that allows developers to build event-driven solutions and easily bind their code to other services while using their favorite developer… Read more

Azure Functions on IoT Edge

Running Azure Functions on IoT Edge Today, we’re very excited to have released the public preview of Azure IoT Edge at our yearly developer conference, Connect();. This adds to the Azure IoT Suite the ability to write code which executes directly on IoT devices, allowing devices to react more quickly to events and spend less… Read more

Azure Functions Proxies is now Generally Available

Functions Proxies is an API toolkit built into Functions to enable you to build APIs faster! Proxies makes it easy to perform simple API operations, like nesting multiple Functions together under one API, as well as API fundamentals, like mock APIs, OpenAPI definitions, and monitoring. Since preview we’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback and… Read more

The Azure Functions on Linux Preview

The new Azure Functions on Linux preview enables local Azure Functions development on Linux and Mac platforms to seamlessly translate to cloud hosting on Linux across a broader choice of hosting options. The Linux hosting model for Azure Functions is based on Docker containers which brings greater flexibility in terms of packaging and leveraging app… Read more

Running a popular Content management solution on Web App for Containers

There are multiple options to hosting your Content management solutions (CMS) like WordPress , Drupal , Magento etc. with Linux App Service . The blog post below will cover the key decisions and implementation guidelines when using Web App for Containers for a CMS solution like WordPress or Drupal. Built images : App Service team… Read more

App Service Certificates now supports public certificates (.cer)

App Service certificates now enables you to upload  public certificate . Previously you had to use Azure resource manage template to upload a public certificate or use ARM client to do the same as described in this article. Today , we have made this experience more user friendly  to allows user to install their public… Read more