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Create digital experiences with Episerver CMS in Azure

Episerver CMS, a platform to build web content management solutions, is now available in the Azure Marketplace.This gives you the ability to get a 30-day free evaluation of Episerver CMS running on Azure App Service. Please note that you will be charged for the Azure resources consumed by the application in your Azure subscription. This solution uses a BOYL (bring your own license) model, to continue its use after the evaluation period you can purchase a license from Episerver website. You can learn more at the Episerver CMS web site.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an Episerver CMS application in Azure App Service.

1. Click on this link to open Create workflow to Episerver in the Azure portal. Check out the details on Episerver app in the Azure Marketplace.

2. Enter your Application name and Select your subscription. You can choose to create the application in a new or existing resource group.


3. Click on App Service plan/Location to choose an existing App Service plan or create a new App Service plan as shown in the image below


4. Click on SQL Database to choose and existing or new SQL Azure database. You can create a new database in an existing SQL Azure server if the web app and SQL Azure server are in the same location.


5. Click on Create to start deployment of the Episerver application. You can check the “Pin to dashboard” checkbox to pin the resource group in Azure portal dashboard for easy access.


6. Check for the deployment status, by clicking on notification button as shown below



7. Once the deployment has been completed, you can access the resource group you created. Select your web app and click on Browse to view your web app.


8. The Episerver application installer wizard will walk you through the installation.


9. Once the wizard completes, you can access the CMS in edit mode, by appending /episerver/cms/edit to the site URL. For example, the URL would look like


10. Note that Episerver CMS is available for a 30-day trial. You will see a message on the web application that it is currently in trial period. Buy Episerver license to continue using the application past the 30-day evaluation period you can



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