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App Service and Functions hosted apps can now update TLS versions!

Following our communication earlier in the year, the App Service team is happy to announce that the ability to explicitly configure the TLS version for individual applications, is now available.   What is TLS? Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. It’s the most widely deployed… Read more

Announcing HTTP/2 support in Azure App Service

The Azure App Service team is happy to announce the global deployment of support for the HTTP/2 protocol for all apps hosted on App Service. HTTP/2 has been the top customer request we have received, and we are excited to light up support!   What is HTTP/2? HTTP/2 is a rework of how HTTP semantics… Read more

App Service Environment is now available in US Government regions

The App Service Environment, with Isolated pricing plans, is now available in the US Government regions.  The App Service Environment is a deployment of the Azure App Service and runs in your Azure Virtual Network.  With an App Service Environment you have more options for: High scale Network isolation High memory utilization The App Service… Read more

March 2018 App Service update

New this month for App Service: Updates to the overview blade, more options for HTTPS only apps, bug fixes for App Service Domains and App Service Certificates and Azure Functions on National Clouds… Read more

PHP Minor Version Update for May 2018

Latest version updates to PHP In May 2018, Azure App Service will update the PHP stacks to the latest available versions (including MSSQL Drivers for PHP 7.2). For information on the changes in the new versions, please see the change logs on the PHP website. PHP Version Change Log 5.6.35 7.0.29 7.1.16… Read more

Announcing the Availability of Azure Functions in National Clouds

To further our commitment of providing the latest in cloud innovation for each and every one of our customers, we’re excited to announce the availability of Azure Functions in three separate national clouds – China, Germany and United States Government.  National or sovereign clouds are physically and logically network-isolated instances of Microsoft’s cloud service, which are confined within the geographic boundaries of specific countries and operated by local… Read more

Get Community driven Docker images for Web app for Containers

You can now find community driven docker images to try out on Web App for Containers on Github. These images follow best practices for Web app for containers , contain SSH for debugging purposes. How to deploy These docker images can be found on Docker hub on  Use the latest tag for the most recent… Read more

Renaming our “new” command to “up”

We listened to feedback, we decided to change our previously released experimental “new” command to be now “up”. With version 0.2.0 of the extension, “new” is no longer available, and you will have to use “up” instead. The command (Which is still in Preview) enables the user to create and deploy their Node.js or .NET… Read more

BizTalk Hybrid Connections going end of life May 31, 2018

Azure App Service has two features named Hybrid Connections. There is the original BizTalk Hybrid Connections and the newer Azure Relay based App Service Hybrid Connections. BizTalk Hybrid Connections is going end of life May 31, 2018. To avoid problems, you should migrate from BizTalk Hybrid Connections to the new Azure Relay based Hybrid Connections…. Read more