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Troubleshooting Tools for App Service Certificate

This blog post describes the various tools available to you to debug any issues with App Service Certificates  resources that you may be using with Web App or other Azure Services.  SSL is a critical part of your application and when configuring the certificate or renewing the certificate there can be a few issues you… Read more

Understanding Serverless Cold Start

“Cold start” is a large discussion point for serverless architectures and is a point of ambiguity for many users of Azure Functions. The goal of this post is to help you understand what cold start is, why it happens, and how you can architect your solutions around it. To provide this explanation, we’ll be going… Read more

az webapp new – where new is always better!

The App Service team have been hard at work creating a new experimental create and deploy experience for Azure App Service. We released a new Azure CLI extension that adds a new command called new (have you seen what we did there!?). The new command (Which is currently in Preview) enables the user to create… Read more

Demystifying the magic behind App Service OS updates

Well, that’s a loaded title for a blog post! But here’s the thing, we’ve been asked many times about what actually goes on behind the scenes when App Service updates the resources hosting App Service apps. First, we need to mention briefly what is App Service . App Service is a PaaS (Platform as a Service)… Read more

Exciting New Features in App Service Diagnostics

Have you checked out App Service diagnostics yet? In November 2017, we announced the general availability of App Service diagnostics, our new self-service diagnostic and troubleshooting experiencing to help you resolve issues with your web app. Since then, based on your feedback, we’ve enabled several exciting features in the past few months. TCP Connections We… Read more

Change domain contact information for App Service Domain

If the registrant of the domain contact information has changed  and needs to be updated , follow the guidance below to make the necessary changes to make sure there is continuity of your use of the domain or any certificates associated with that domain. Follow these steps to update the contact information of your domain:… Read more

My Backups are failing, Let’s open a support ticket

Actually wait! A big percentage of the backup failures (More than 42%) can be fixed in minutes, and more importantly without even opening a support ticket. Step 1: Figure out what is the failure. From the backup blade, click on the failing backup and check the Log Details Step 2: Check the following table. Error… Read more