UWP App Installs from Web via App Installer

We have introduced App Installer in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to make installation of universal windows apps simple to install. With the App Installer, a user just has to double-click the app package to install. Since the introduction of App Installer, we are heartened by the positive feedback that we received. So we are…


Make your app deployment feedback actionable!

Our insiders and loyal windows users are key contributors to the success of Windows 10.  They provide us with great coverage on our features and send feedback using the feedback hub app. If you are ever experiencing problems you can make your feedback more actionable to us, the Windows engineering teams.  Doing this is pretty easy and…


App Installer!

App Installer – An easy way to install your Universal Windows Apps on Windows Desktop! New in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Installing Universal Windows Apps was not always the most intuitive experience on Windows Desktop for a typical user. You either needed to run a .ps1 script or type in a command into PowerShell….