Make your app deployment feedback actionable!

Our insiders and loyal windows users are key contributors to the success of Windows 10.  They provide us with great coverage on our features and send feedback using the feedback hub app.

If you are ever experiencing problems you can make your feedback more actionable to us, the Windows engineering teams.  Doing this is pretty easy and you can use the feedback hub as you do today.  Your feedback will help us reproduce your issues locally and diagnose these issues to improve the Windows 10 experience.

Steps to submit feedback using Feedback Hub:

  1. Launch Feedback Hub app
  2. Click on send feedback
  3. Fill in the text boxes with as much detail as possible.
  4. Choose appropriate category
    1. If you need help choosing the appropriate category for your issue, see the table below
  5. Attach a screenshot [recommended]
  6. Begin monitoring [recommended]
    1. Click on Begin monitoring
    2. This will start collecting traces from your device
    3. Reproduce the issue again
    4. Navigate back to Feedback Hub and click on “Stop monitoring”
  7. Click on “Submit” button to send your feedback!

Category choice:

It can be difficult to find a category that matches your issue. Here is a table to help you make your choice –

Issue Category Sub-Category
App launch Apps and Games Choose the app with issue
Can’t install/update an app from store Store Choose the appropriate issue
Can’t install a non-store/ development app Windows Installation, Update and recovery App Installation and launch issues

We closely monitor the feedback we receive from this app. So, we urge you to continue providing feedback and also suggestions to make our Windows 10 user experience better.

If you have problems with submitting your feedback, post your questions in the comments section below.

Chaitanya Donthini – Program Manager

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