Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring works with Oracle (10g XE) database?

Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring works with Oracle (10g XE) database?  

Yes, indeed! AppFabric Monitoring Provider extensibility is proven out in this MSDN Code Gallery Release -

The release includes the Visual Studio 2010 solution that contains all the relevant SQL and .NET source used to support the Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring Schema. Also included is the implementation guide (AppFabricMonitoringOnOracle10gXE.docx) and this document provides adequate elaboration on: AppFabric Monitoring basics; setup; database schema; implementation; and finally the UI pieces. For the convenience of the developers this document is also included with this post.

Figure 1: Snapshot of Solution/VS Project in the Release.



The  two screenshots below demonstrate the comprehensive implementation.

Figure 2: Selecting the Oracle Provider for AppFabric Monitoring functionality



Figure 3: Monitoring Data extracted from Oracle Database.


AppFabric Monitoring on Oracle 10g XE.docx

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  1. Igor Pasechnyk says:

    Is there a plan to develop a Persistence Store Provider for Oracle as well?

    We're currently in a situation when most of our clients are Oracle-based and they do not consider installing and maintaining SQL Server DB (for historical/budget reasons mostly – government), however our solution is based on Windows Workflow Framework, and WF 4.0 requires SQL Server.

    We're currently considering custom development of a Persistence Store Provider for Oracle, however don't want to duplicate the effort if Microsoft is planning to release something like that as well in the nearest future. What the Microsoft plans are in this regard?


  2. hotfix says:

    Hi Suren,

    I have downloaded the document and have been following it through. It says there is a hotfix required to access the the monitoring data on the IIS interface. Please can i have that hotfix?



  3. hotfix says:

    Hello, I would like to ask for required hotfix as well. Please, where can I find the hotfix? Thank you. K.

  4. Suren says:

    Hello 'hotfix'

    I am happy to work with you to provide the hotfix. Via 'contact/email' could you please get in touch with me. Also do you have an ongoing support contract with Microsoft? If yes, you could apporach us for this hotfix that route too!



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