WCF netTcpRelayBinding Streaming Gotcha

This post has been moved to a new location. Please follow the link below. Thank you. http://windowsazurecat.com/2010/07/improving-streaming-operations-in-windows-azure-service-bus-nettcprelay-binding/

BizTalk Hotrod Magazine Issue #10 Published

We have consolidated some of our recent publications into a pocket-size, printer-friendly format and published them in the July issue of the BizTalk Hotrod Magazine: Instrumentation Best Practices for High Performance BizTalk Solutions (page 47) How To Boost Message Transformations Using the XslCompiledTransform class (page 93) Check them out and share your feedback.

How to Boost Performance of the ESB Routing and Transform Services – Part 2

Introduction In the first part of the article, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Send Ports and we introduced two custom components that allow, respectively, to use Static Send Ports instead of Dynamic Send Port with an ESB Itinerary and to speed up message transformation. In this post I will move into detailing…

How to Boost Performance of the ESB Routing and Transform Services – Part 1

Introduction Recently I had chance to work with a couple of customers that make extensive use the ESB Toolkit (specifically, V 2.0 in this case) in their BizTalk solutions, and to exchange ideas with some of you regarding the alleged performance problems affecting Dynamic Send Ports. In the last few weeks I received comments like…

Large Message Transfer with WCF-Adapters Part 1

Introduction This is the first in a series of articles that will introduce and explore a couple a patterns to transfer and process large messages using WCF-Adapters. Generally speaking, an end to end BizTalk solution adopts the FTP Adapter or one of its variations (SFTP/FTPS) when it needs to exchange large messages with external parties…